Rob Pattinson Is Headed To Daily Show, Good Morning America; How Should He Play This?


Robert Pattinson Headed To Daily Show, Good Morning America

There are some new badass Cosmopolis photos that dropped today. The movie premieres next week. Rob Pattinson is set to visit the Daily Show next Monday, and Good Morning America next Wednesday to promote the film. Everything seems to be primed for Rob to enjoy a hassle-free publicity tour…except you know someone is going to ask him about KStew on TV. It’s inevitable. We’re guessing Jon Stewart might tease him about it without actually asking any questions, but there is no way on God’s green Earth he will be able to leave the GMA studio without discussing his relationship with Kristen Stewart and/or his rage toward Rupert Sanders. Pattinson’s rep already made it clear RPattz isn’t going to miss any promo appearances over something like a devastating breakup, so what are his options here? As far as we can see, his choices basically break down to:

  1. Just got for it: Kristen dumped the contents of her guilty heart out over her fling. Maybe Rob should do the same? Pro: Everyone will appreciate his honesty. Con: He might end up screaming and/or crying on-camera.
  2. Avoid, avoid, avoid: If someone brings up the scandal, dodge the question like it’s a rampaging werewolf. Pro: It’s probably the tactic he’s actually going to go with. Con: Everyone will scrutinize his delivery, tone and word choice to the point that he might as well actually say something instead.
  3. Fake a seizure: When in doubt, pass on out. Pro: If middle school gym taught us anything, it’s that medical emergencies can get you out of anything. Con: Um…people might find out that he faked a seizure to avoid talking about his breakup, which is not a great look.

Man, we wish we had some better advice to give. But we don’t, so good luck, dude!

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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