Stephenie Meyer Still Torturing Actors With Contact Lenses, The Host Saoirse Ronan Reveals


Where have we heard this one before? Oh, yeah, during countless interviews of the Twilight Saga‘s vampire cast, including most recently at Comic-Con, the one complaint they had of filming the movies for the past four years is a simple, yet crucial feature: the contact lenses. And here we are with yet another Stephenie Meyer adaptation and the same problem comes up!

“I had tried lenses on years ago for another film and it was a nightmare. It was horrible,” The Host star Saoirse Ronan told MTV News about her past contact lens experience, joking that she almost refused to do this movie when she learned she’d have to don contacts to display the telltale iris ring that indicates her human body is possessed by an alien “soul.”

Why, Stephenie? Why do you insist on doing freaky things to your characters’ eyes? Inevitably, these freaky things are passed on to the actors who must suffer for your art. Well, OK. They’re not suffering THAT much.

“I got used to it,” Ronan said. “I tried to put the contact lenses in myself and that didn’t work. It took me half an hour just to get one contact lens into my eye, so it was awful, but we have lens techs on the film, and there’s one who works with me every day, and he’s brilliant. He’s the only one who I’ll let go near my eyes. … It’s down from half an hour now to 30 seconds.”

Wait a second. That is a job in the film industry? “Lens tech”? Wow. We take it all back, Ms. Meyer. You are providing these talented, eye-ball touching specialists with jobs. And oh yeah, the rest of the interview above includes some really interesting stuff about how Saoirse played both her human character and her alien character simultaneously. It’s pretty crazy stuff. Almost as crazy as sticking things in your eye.


[Photo: Open Road Films]

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