Lindsay Lohan To Star In A Lady Gaga Video? Those Hollywood Sleepovers Really Pay Off!


Lindsay Lohan To Star In Lady Gaga Video

In case forcing the crew of The Canyon to take off their clothes before her nude scene hadn’t convinced you, this rumor confirms what we’ve long suspected: Lindsay Lohan must be so much fun to hang out with, other celebs quickly forget about all her arrests. And her car accidents. And I Know Who Killed Me. According to the New York Post, Lilo has allegedly been cast in an upcoming music video from Lady Gaga‘s new album ARTPOP. Seeing as how the news emerged only days after Lohan spent the night hanging out with Gaga at the Chateau Marmont, maybe Lindsy should book a whole bunch of celebrity sleepovers! Not in a filthy way, you pervs. We mean in a Boogle-playing, Chex mix-eating, Poltergeist-watching kind of way. Oh wait, that’s starting to sound sexy too. Hmmm….

So maybe Lindsay did get Gaga her part as La Chameleon in Robert Rodiguez‘s Machete Kills like we postulated. Tit for tat, ya’ll! Anyway you slice it, Lindsay’s innate awesomeness must have played a big part in landing her the role, considering the fact Lady G could have any actress she wanted star in her videos. Gaga could have someone build a time machine, travel back to the ’50s and bring back Marilyn Monroe if she really wanted to! Marilyn probably wouldn’t be as much fun at a sleepover, though; she’d be too busy screaming at having been kidnapped through time.

[Photo: Lady Gaga’s Twitter]

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