Joan Rivers’ Hilarious Costco Protest Was All Over These Little Quotes


The above TMZ video was from Joan Rivers’ hilarious publicity stunt/public protest at a Burbank Costco, where the comedian (and her camera crew) loudly complained that the big box store was violating her First Amendment rights by not selling her latest book, I Hate Everyone … Starting With Me.

“Costco should not be like Nazi Germany! Next thing they’ll be burning the Bible,” she shouted on her megaphone in her signature irreverent way. As security guards began to surround her, she told them, “I know you’re trying to throw me out of your store. This is bigger than both of us. … This is private property that we’ve stolen from the Indians!”

The guards, probably amused by the scene, didn’t make any move to stop Rivers as she warned one customer, “Cynthia, you’re going to be famous,” and proceeded to cuff herself to the woman’s cart.

So what’s all the fuss over? Apparently, Costco took offense to two made-up quotes on the back cover of Rivers’ book: “Wilt Chamberlain: ‘Even if I were alive I wouldn’t f— her.’ Marie Antoinette: ‘I don’t like her. Let her eat sh–.’ ”

For what it’s worth, we’re pretty sure the First Amendment doesn’t prevent Costco from selling what it likes. They did, however, respect Rivers’ free speech enough not to have her arrested. Still, she left unsatisfied. “They kicked me out without giving me any free samples,” she told local station KTLA.

Joan Rivers

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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