Kimye’s VMA Promo Just Cute Enough To Wash Kanye’s “Perfect B—” Song Out Of Our Mouths


Look, we’ll admit it. We’ve casually thrown around the b-word before. We’ve probably never had a conversation about Dolly Parton or Madeleine Albright where we didn’t call them a “fabulous b—-” and swoon onto our respective fainting couches. However! We were still more than a little skeeved out when we learned Kanye had written a new song about Kim Kardashian and named it (of all things!) “Perfect B—-.” Come on, Ye! Was “Perfect Woman” already taken? “Perfect Lady” not eye roll-inducing enough for you? “I wrote the song Perfect B—- about Kim,” Yeezy admitted on Twitter, a tweet he later deleted, probably after receiving an angry call from Kris Jenner. Or a happy call from Kris Jenner. You can never tell with that woman.

Luckily Kanye was clearly invested in making it up to us, seeing as how he and Kim were at their matching outfit cutest in their new VMA promo with VMA host Kevin Hart. “KevYeKim? YeKimKev?,” Hart sputters in his attempt to come up with a good three-way couple nickname. How about KimYeKev? The way it should be? Alright, we’ll try to get over your rude romantic ode, Kanye. Though if the two of you actually entered into a three-way couple with Kevin Hart, we would be completely back onboard within seconds of finding out about it. Something to think about! Plus it’s great material for another song!

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