BREAKING NEWS: Kate Upton Looks Good Naked


We’ve known for a long time that SI covergirl and dance enthusiast Kate Upton looks pretty awesome in bikinis. But a little known fact is that she also looks really good nude, too. She demonstrated this talent in the latest issue of Contributor Magazine, where she appeared in a spread that was heavy with the glam as well as a the hottness.

While in what appeared to be Versailles (or a reasonable multi-million dollar stand-in) the 20-year-old strutted her stuff around antique furniture and finely appointed drapery. A tip for the people at Contributor: when you have Kate Upton without clothes, people are going to be happy no matter where she is. You don’t have to spring for a mansion.

The editors called it a “Fashion Story: A Study of Kate Upton,” but it seemed to be much less about the fashion and more about the Kate Upton.┬áBut the “study” did prove the fundamental, undeniable fact that Kate Upton looks good in everything, and in nothing. Don’t trust us? Head on down to the gallery below and check out the pics! They’ll make believers out of you.

[Photo: Contributor Magazine]

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