If American Idol Wants Diddy As A Judge, We Demand They Rehire JLo For The Famous Ex Drama


Diddy Rumored For American Idol

Sorry, Snoop. Mariah  Carey, it’s not you. It’s us. Well, actually it’s Diddy, JLo and us if the Universe decides to be merciful. If American Idol is actually attempting to recruit P. Diddy for a judge’s spot like Page Six claims, then we demand as loyal audience members that they wrangle Jennifer Lopez back onto the show. Seeing as how the two used to date around the turn of the century, this would be the perfect reunion scenario. Two famous exes crushing young people’s dreams side by side? Their incredibly complicated relationship played out for the entire world to see? If there is anyway we can also replace Randy Jackson with Ben Affleck, we’ll hand over an Emmy to Idol right now. Right…now.

Their personal history aside for the moment, Diddy also has enough reality show experience for us to immediately sign off on this move. The man created Danity Kane on Making the Band, for pete’s sake! We wouldn’t want to live in a world where we couldn’t listened to “Damaged” ten times in a row on the elliptical. We could live in a world without O-Town, but other than that, this seems to be the best of both worlds as far as we’re concerned.

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