Was Kristen Stewart Dropping Out Of Cali A Smart Move…Or Total Foolishness?


Kristen Stewart Drops Out Of Cali

Kristen Stewart has dropped out of dark romance Cali, and somehow we have mixed feelings about her exiting a film where she would have played the runaway victim of a fictional snuff film. “She is so distraught over Rob that she can’t focus on anything but getting him back,” a source claimed to Celebuzz, explaining, “She’s lost all interest in work and the projects that she was so passionate about just two weeks ago.” While we’re dubious of claims that KStew is letting her professional life collapse due to problems in her personal one, the timing does suggest the cheating scandal played a part. Amber Heard and Carey Mulligan are already rumored as potential replacements in the movie, but we’re still wrestling over Kristen’s decision to leave. We tried to break down all the mixed emotions that come with her bailing on the film:


  • Stewart has taken a string of moody roles: vampire teen bride, princess pursued by a homicidal queen, beatnik teen bride, teen prostitute…you’ve seen her IMDB page. Maybe Cali wouldn’t have been the best next step in her career. Maybe it’s time for Kristen to mix it up a little and play a goofy girl detective or a young Hillary Rodham Clinton.
  • Alex Pettyfer doesn’t exactly have a reputation as a cooperative co-star, so…bullet dodged?
  • Kristen might need a break from the limelight, y’all!

On the other hand…


  • Girl’s gotta get paid! Can’t be dropping out of roles that pay good money, babies!
  • Amber Heard and Carey Mulligan are great actresses, but they are no Kristen Stewart.

What do you think? Was Kristen wise to give herself some time, or does her bailing out of a movie portend doom (for her career, that is)?

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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