BMX Racer Alise Post Makes Us Happy The Olympics Are Dipping Into X Games Territory


Alise Post
Let’s not lie, the Disney Channel’s original movie Motorcrossed made us want to defy gender stereotypes, cut our hair, and become bad-ass BMX racers. Thankfully, U.S. Olympian Alise Post from St. Cloud, Minnesota, has brought our dreams to fruition, while even managing to keep her long locks and girly fashion (bonus points!) At 5’2″ and 128 pounds, this fierce 21-year-old has a body of a gymnast, and while gymnastics is yet another area she excels in, don’t let her petite frame fool you. After finishing with the eighth best time of 39.890 in her Olympic BMX seeding run on Wednesday, Alise continues to prove that she is a staunch competitor and that this sport is not exclusive to boys. We hope she flies around the race track today during the women’s cycling BMX finals. And while you watch her tear it up, be sure to check out the reasons why we love Alise Post.

Alise Post has so much swag that she has earned the nickname, “The Beast”
Alise is way more accomplished than most her age, and she has a winning streak, including being the youngest to win the pro championship, to show just how unstoppable she is. She’s also has been called the most successful modern-day female BMX racer. Casual.

She doesn’t let her involvement in a male dominated sport affect her girl time
According to ESPN, Post manages to be a typical young woman, obsessed with Gossip Girl and shopping.

Her twitter account also highlights her girly edge, as she tweeted on July 22: “Lovely #girlsday w/ @oohlalalar -made Mexican pizza and painted our nails.”

Her positive attitude is inspirational
Alise sheds some light on her motivational thinking while talking about getting up after her first crash. She says, “That first crash my brother just yelled at me to get back up and go, and I got up and still got trekking. I was pretty stoked, and then I loved it ever since.”

She is a supportive Olympian player
Alise’s recent tweets show just how caring she is of her fellow Olympians. Post tweeted on August 4: “Last but certainly not least, apparently it was your bday when we met yesterday…happy belated bday @ryanlochte !!” Aww.

Post is unafraid of showing her patriotism (and she isn’t too shabby in the costume department either)
She tweeted on July 4: “Happy 4th to everyone! It sure was easy to pick out my #muuricaa outfit today ;) #starsnbarsjumpsuit”

She joins the greatest Olympic love stories

On top of dominating the race course, Post has tied down fellow BMX rider and hottie Sam Willoughby.

[Photos: Twitter]

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