Did Lindsay Lohan Flip Out At Francesca Eastwood’s Birthday? No Wonder Meryl Is Praying For Her


Lindsay Lohan Allegedly Caused Scene At Party

Call us crazy, but we think we just worked out the pattern dictating Lindsay Lohan‘s life: a great thing happens, followed by a terrible thing, followed by another great thing. For example, just this year it’s been: filming Liz & Dick, fender bender, shooting The Canyons, uh…another fender bender. Since we just reported that Lilo will allegedly star in a music video from Lady Gaga’s new album, it stands to reason we would also have to report that Lohan threw a tantrum at a famous person’s birthday party. It’s just statistics at this point!

Now, we’re using the phrase “famous person” loosely as we are referring to Clint Eastwood‘s reality star daughter Francesca Eastwood, but either way sources reported that Lindsay flipped out when she spotted Francesca partying at L.A.’s Bootsy Bellows. “She was yelling ‘I’m a star, she’s a nobody, get her out of here!'” they claimed. “One poor guy came over and tried to calm [Lindsay] down and she acted aggressively. At that point the security told her to leave and it was totally embarrassing. She is acting like some bad ’80s film star, and it is hard to watch because she needs help.” Seeing as how Francesca’s party was almost certainly being filmed, we could potentially get a glimpse of Lindsay’s meltdown on TV. But that would require Lindsay signing a waiver to appear on the show, which she…wouldn’t do? Let’s check the pattern again. It’s the only way to know what to expect!

While reports of Lindsay losing it could just be an exceedingly random rumor, it doesn’t hold a tragic candle to Meryl Streep‘s depressing comment about Lindsay on Watch What Happens this week. “I pray for Lindsay,” she said of her Prairie Home Companion co-star. That’s pretty telling, isn’t it? Meryl could have just easily said, “Lindsay is a talented young woman,” or, “I can’t wait to see her in Scary Movie 5,” or even, “A dingo ate my baby!” if she wanted to change the subject. That’s how you know Streep is a saint. Add it to the pattern! Meryl loving Lindsay definitely falls in the “great thing” category.

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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