E. Roger Mitchell Is Chaff In Your Catching Fire Casting Announcement Of The Day


E Roger Mitchell Cast In Catching Fire

Lionsgate announced today that actor E. Roger Mitchell has joined the Catching Fire cast as District 11 tribute Chaff. So give him a hand, ladies and gentlemen! No, seriously, the man needs a hand. He refused to accept a prosthetic one from Capitol doctors after his got lopped off during the 45th Hunger Games.

While observant fans might already know Mitchell from One Tree Hill, The Crazies, The Shield or Diary of a Mad Black Woman, future fans will know him from sneaking a kiss from Katniss, then laughing about it like a maniac with Woody Harrelson. On a related note, we’re kind of into Lionsgate’s slow trickle of casting announcements. At first it bothered us, but now we realize it gives us time to get to know each of the new cast members. Plus this way we have just enough time to carve their faces onto these hand-made Hunger Games figurines we whittled!  That’s how we feel today, anyway. Check in next week when we still don’t know who plays Finnick and see if we’re feeling so charitable. No…you’re right, you’re right. We’ll try to remember to look at a photo of Philip Seymour Hoffman when we get upset. Ah…there we go.

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