Rihanna’s Barbados Tourism Photos Are Going To Disappoint A Lot Of Tourists Hoping To Visit Rihanna


Rihanna Poses For Barbados Tourism Board Campaign

For those of you who already bought your one-way flight to Barbados to see Rihanna in a soaking wet dress on the beach, we have some bad news. It turns out she’s just shooting an ad campaign for the Barbados Tourism Board; she’s not going to permanently frolic in the waves in an attempt to draw visitors to her native country. We should have guessed; there are only so many hours a person can stand in the ocean in a damp garment before their skin starts to dissolve and they catch pneumonia.

So maybe this is actually good news for you after all! For all we know, RiRi might be posing near a body of water in the U.S. this weekend, and that’ll be a lot more convenient for most of you. Did you buy flight insurance so you can get your money back when you cancel your trip? No? Well…we’re sure Barbados is very nice even when RiRi isn’t frequenting it’s beaches. Probably. Rihanna may have shot promos for the island’s ad campaign yesterday, but she also took time to have a beer with her adorable granddad, as evidence by her Instagram account. So at least we know Grandpa RiRi lives down there! We bet he’ll scamper through he surf with you, but let’s not get crazy. The man is still a grandpa.

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[Photo: Splash News Online]

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