The Rise Of Lizzie McGuire: Hilary Duff Signs Development Deal With Fox TV


Hilary Duff Signed Development Deal

Not since we heard the dance remix of “Coming Clean” for the first time have we been this excited about Hilary Duff‘s career! Deadline announced today that the Lizzy McGuire star has signed a talent/development deal with 20 Century Fox TV. Under the contract, Duff will star in a “half-hour comedy vehicle” developed by the network, or a subsequent comedy or drama show if Hilary’s pilot doesn’t work out. Clearly it will work out, though, seeing as how they’re going to hire Gordo to be her best friend again. Right? Or at least have an animated intro? Oh, or a cameo from Tudgeman? Give the people what they want, Fox! That’s all we ask!

After killing it in Lizzy McGuire, on Gossip Girl as Olivia Burke and as a recording artist, Duff took some time off from acting last year to gestate and give birth to a human being, her baby son Luca. In addition to working with Fox, Duff stars in the feature comedy She Wants Me later this year. “Ok it’s official! Very excited about my development deal with 20th century fox!! t.v. here I come! :),” the Duffster tweeted this afternoon. Ah, it’s like we’re back in 2003 all over again. Why, yes, we were sophomores in college in 2003. What’s your point?

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