This Week In Celebs That Hate Kim: Jeremy Renner Joins The Long List Of Kardashian Haters


Jeremy Renner Insults Kim Kardashian

Hot on the heels of 50 Cent referring to her as “trash” in XXL Magazine, Kim Kardashian can start her week out right by reading about how Jeremy Renner hates her family. As part of an interview with Britain’s The Guardian, Jeremy griped that the Kardashians are “ridiculous people with zero talent who spend their lives making sure everyone knows their name,” as well as “stupid, stupid people.” Tell us how you really feel, Jeremy! Actually…please don’t. If this is what he said off the cuff, his actual opinion about the Kardashians is probably downright devastating.

Of course, the Bourne Legacy star isn’t the first celebrity to rag on Kim’s family. Jon Hamm, Jonah Hill, us: you name him or her, they’ve probably trash-talked the Kardashians at some point or another. Eventually celebs will have to come out and declare their love for the Kardashians, just so we don’t assume they harbor a secret hatred for them. Well, we’ll be the first and declare it now: a part of us deeply, deeply loves Kim’s bizarre family. The other part? Well, let’s just say it has a lot in common with our “Celebs That Actively Dislike the Kardashians” gallery:

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