From Ryan Lochte On 90210 To McKayla Maroney’s Meme: 12 Ways To Keep Your Fave Olympians In Your Heart


The Olympics may be over, but we’re holding on to memories of cheering on our favorite athletes for dear life. There’s something truly beautiful about the Olympic Games and how it unites a country (and gives us something to talk about in an awkward elevator encounter). We do not want to say goodbye! That’s why we spent today looking for ways to indulge in the games for just a little while longer. Something tells us some of the Games’ breakout stars will never be too far from our radar! For now, here are 10 of our favorite ways to not let go of the 2012 Summer Olympics:

1. Ryan Lochte will be appearing on an upcoming episode of the CW’s 90210. He will cross paths with recently reunited couple Naomi (AnnaLynne McCord) and Max (Josh Zuckerman) at a resort, where they are attempting to strengthen their relationship. For his sake, we hope he acts better than he interviews!

2. Have you seen Michael Phelps in the new Louis Vuitton ad? If your answer is “Hmmm I don’t remember…” then no, you haven’t seen it because it is definitely unforgettable! Michael Phelps has proven to be more than just a trendy athlete to love. He overcame a bad reputation and is now only regarded of as the most decorated Olympian of all time.

 3. We can’t get enough of the McKayla Maroney Is Not Impressed meme, and we know it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Her unimpressed face photobombs the most perfectly chosen images throughout the day. McKayla got in on the fun when Aly Raisman tweeted this photo of Maroney, Kyla Ross and herself standing outside a closed swimming pool.

4. Last week, Ryan Lochte appeared on Good Morning America, where he said that he’d be happy to be on Dancing With The Stars and The Bachelor. He also mentioned that he’s in talks to star in his own “definitely not normal” reality-TV show. So we can definitely look forward to seeing Lochte plenty in the near future! In the meantime, rewatch his Funny or Die videos.

4. The Fabulous Five met Nicki Minaj this morning on the Today show, and there were excited tweets all around! Of course, our favorite one involved this picture of the gymnasts with their medals and Nicki in the middle of all of it. These girls are really soaking up the celeb love!

5. As if we didn’t love Gabby Douglas enough, she rocked the Tonight Show with Michelle Obama and Jay Leno last night. Her adorable gold skirt was paired with her gold medals as she held them on stage with pride.

6. Usain Bolt  met up with his favorite actor, Jason Statham at the premiere of Expendables 2. He tweeted this picture of the two of them. We really love when celebrity worlds collide and we really hope to see more of it!

7. The Olympic cat memes take some of our favorite Olympic moments and make them a little hairier. Basketball, fencing, gymnastics, you name it and it’s been cat-ified. Another one of our favorite meme sites is a whole new slew of “Hey, Girl” Tumblrs featuring Lochte in the place of Ryan Gosling. How did we not think of that? It’s hilarious and perfectly appropriate for the hunk of the summer.

8. Gabby Douglas will be interviewed on Oprah’s Next Chapter on August 26. After that tweet from Oprah Winfrey to Gabby when the she became the first African-American female gymnast to win gold in an all-around final: “OMG I’m so THRILLED for Gabby. Flowing happy tears!! #TeamUSA,” we had a feeling that something is or would be in the works!

9. McKayla Maroney apparently can be impressed when she tweeted, “Getting to see the Kellogg’s cereal box’s for the first time!! :)” And so were we! They looked so excited when they saw the box with their faces on it. The cereal box hits stores in September, and we’ll be first on line to get it!

11. Not exactly the most tasteful meme, but absolutely hilarious nonetheless, be sure to check out Olympic Divers on the Toilet. We were sure that some of those priceless diving faces would inspire someone in some way, but we could have never expected something of this magnitude. We also feel really bad that they don’t have any toilet paper.

12. Misty May-Treanor will take the stage on The Daily Show tonight and we really can’t wait. She’ll be serving up some Olympic love and joking around with Jon Stewart and we’re already counting down the minutes! Also, we wonder if there will be ice cream involved.

[Photos: Louis Vuitton, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr]

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