Butt Of Course, Elton John Gives The World The Full Moon


Elton John Flashes Paparazzi On Boat In St. Tropez

We really don’t know what else to type except the facts and maybe, throw in some butt puns for good measure. That’s Elton John on the left, chilling out with his pals and partner, David Furnish, on a boat in St. Tropez. Just hanging out, no big deal. Cracking open a few beers, knocking back some champers — regular stuff. By boat we mean yacht, of course, but you already knew that. Then, there’s Elton John on the right, who decided to drop his pants and give the the paparazzi — and thus, us and by proxy, you — the full moon. A very large, fleshy, pale full moon. The fullest moon we’ve seen all year. Is this a French thing? Have we started dropping our pants as a friendly way of saying hello? Or is this Elton’s equivalent of a warning sign? Like — back off, or I’m going to back up on you. For real — like, really back up on you. Or maybe it was something as simple as Elton needed a tan. By the looks of his, erm, lack of tan lines. Dude just wanted some color, is all. Anyone else got Bad Side Of The Moon stuck in their heads now?

[Photos: Splash News Online]

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