James Franco Drinking Spit In About Cherry Clip Barely Makes It Into His Top 5 Weirdest Moments


James Franco Stars In About Cherry Clip

What’s grosser: the fact that James Franco drinks a spit-laced cocktail in Vulture’s new exclusive clip from his porn movie About Cherry, the fact that James Franco drinking a spit-laced drink is supposed to be sexy, or the fact that James Franco drinking a spit-laced drink is actually kind of sexy? Ugh, we know. We can’t help it! We suffer from severe Francophrenia! Of course, drinking another human’s saliva as a flirtation tactic isn’t the only weird thing James Franco has done for his art. In fact, it barely makes it into the top five:

  1. Playing a serial-killing artist on General Hospital: Franco then made a movie about playing a serial-killing artist named, what else, Francophrenia.
  2. Filming this music video with drag performer Kalup Linzy: Remember when James Franco was trying to be a musician? Barely? Yeah, same here.
  3. Getting molested by a disgusting wizard puppet in Your Highness: We’d say don’t see it, but chances are you were never going to.
  4. Watching a gay sex worker…at work. Franco told James Lipton about his night on the town with a gigolo on Inside The Actor Studio, and no, we will never let anyone forget about it! Right, James?
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