Penelope Cruz Looks Like An ’80’s Supermodel On The Cover Of W Magazine


Penelope Cruz, W Magazine, September Cover

Thank you, W Magazine, for reminding us how awesome the ’80’s were. That decade always gets such a bad rap for its big hair, fingerless gloves and shoulderpads, but people forget that it gave us some pretty amazing fashion moments too. Penelope Cruz on the cover of the September issue of the magazine is a nod to everything that was right about that decade. We’re loving the chunky jewelry, the natural eyebrows and the massive, sideswept hair. We’re also grateful that they didn’t go too ’80’s with the makeup. The matte look is what pulls this whole cover together. The accompanying black-and-white shoot comprises some of the most stunning images we’ve seen of her yet and are are in a completely different stylistic direction than her cover. Look at the photograph on the right? Minimal, arty but completely captivating, right? Each of the pictures is like that, and Cruz really needs to send the photographer a bottle of wine or something, because he just did her a solid.

The interview itself deals with her cinematic career, specifically about with her very fruitful working relationships with directors¬†Pedro Almodovar and Woody Allen. We would have preferred more personal insights, like some stories regarding her story with husband Javier Bardem, but she’s famously quiet about that side of her life. As a result the piece didn’t draw us in like we were hoping it would. So we’re just going to have look at the pictures again. Not that we have a problem with that.

[Photos via W Magazine]

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