Most Revealing Thing Fans Gathered From Rob Pattinson’s Daily Show Interview Was His Distaste For Ice Cream


Robert Pattinson may or may not be back on the market, but if you ladies had a master plan to woo him with chilled dairy product – restrategize. The Daily Show‘s Jon Stewart meant well, serving up the indulgence of choice for many going through relationship turbulence, and Rob politely ate a few melty scoops. What may not have been apparent to the untrained (er, anyone not scouring the footage while creating GIFs) was Rob’s arduous effort to get that B&J’s down his perfectly-stubbled gullet. We’re still unclear whether it was the flavor at hand – Karamel Sutra – or if he just prefers his desserts in loquat pie form (tear).

Bonus GIF of Rob blaming his “Double Spanx” below:


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