Rumor We Love: Anderson Cooper And Andy Cohen Hang Out In Croatia, Ergo Must Be In Love Forever


Anderson Cooper And Andy Cohen Hang Out In Croatia

More like Watch What Happens Love! Okay, we’ll readily admit that was a horrible joke. We are just too excited for witticisms, now that we caught wind of the fact that Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen could possibly, potentially, allegedly be dating. Based on their respective Instagram pics, Gawker deduced that the Anderson journalist and Bravo late night host are vacationing together in the romance capital of the world: Croatia. “Look who just took the same instagram pic as me @bravoandy,” Cooper tweeted earlier today, along with a shot of Cohen beaming in front of a sunset. Why not put it in sky writing, you guys? Actually, could you do that? That would make things easier for us, both legally and emotionally-speaking.

Add to this the facts that 1) photos emerged yesterday of Anderson’s boyfriend Ben Maisani making out with another dude and 2) both Cohen and Cooper have taken down the photos captured by Gawker, and all signs point to some sweet, sweet, Kathy Griffin-approved lovin’. Besides, even if they’re just friends now, who can resist the erotic power of a Croatian sunset? Literally no one. Oh man, just thinking about their celebrity wedding makes our hands go number with gleeeeeeeee.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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