Terry Richardson Receives Butt Shot From Miranda Kerr; Somehow His Smile Is The Creepiest Part


We’d always thought that one of the perks of being a hot, famous, rich model is that you don’t have to put needles into weird guys’ butts for a living, but Miranda Kerr proved us wrong when she administered a B12 shot to the posterior of Terry Richardson in a video he posted today. Oh, Uncle Terry! How your smile will haunt our dreams forever!

From the looks of it, the tasteful vignette (and accompanying photo!) was taken during Richardson’s shoot for Kerr’s recent Harper’s spread. We’re not going to pretend Kerr didn’t look amazing in it. We’re also not going to pretend she looked amazing for any other reason than the fact she was wearing a series of designer boots. And nothing else. Seeing as how it’s his first B12 supplement, what if the shot hit Terry’s brain and he stood up, looked around and shouted, “Miranda, put a shirt on! What is going on with my mutton chops? How did I come to be known as the World’s Most Famous Perv?” We know. We have to live in the now. “Now” being the time when Terry dances around in a neon body suit like some kind of a scene from a child’s nightmare. A sexy child’s nightmare. Oh man, we’re sorry we wrote that. Just looking at Terry Richardson is making us become one of him!

[Photo: Terry’s Diary]

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