Abby Elliott Is Leaving SNL? Luckily We’ve Got 5 Up-And-Comers SNL Can Hire Right Now!


Abby Elliott Leavs SNL

Abby Elliott is officially leaving SNL, and so begins the show’s meticulous search for a new cast member. Or SNL could just hire one of the five comedians we chose for them below! Weeee! What a time saver! Seriously though, seeing as how SNL hired the hilarious Kate McKinnon immediately before Kristen Wiig‘s exit (and Andy Samberg shan’t be returning in the fall), it only stands to reason the show will be bringing in some new faces soon. Maybe some of the faces can beā€¦these faces?

1. James Adomian, @JAdomian

The fact this Last Comic Standing alum isn’t already on SNL boggles our minds. If you’ve ever heard him during his frequent guest spots on the Comedy Bang Bang podcast, you know having James Adomian around is like having Paul Giamatti, Jesse Ventura and/or Alan Rickman in the room with you, without all the hassle of kidnapping them and holding them hostage. So convenient!

2. Sasheer Zamata, @thesheertruth

Coming hot out of the Upright Citzens Brigade in New York, Sasheer is a talented stand-up, sketch performer and one third of the improv team Doppelganger. She also makes an excellent dude, as her episode in director Chioke’s Nassor‘s “Storytime” series proves. It’s like getting two cast members in one! Sasheer would also make a great Michelle Obama, because good god, how have we gone an entire presidential term without someone being hired to play Michelle Obama? It’s like we’re taking crazy pills here!

3. Paul Downs, @PauliluComedy

Paul Downs is one half of the comedy team (the other being Lucia Aniello) that’s behind the Paulilu Mixtape series on the online channel Above Average. 1960s Robin, Zac Efron, U.S. Supreme Justice Sonia Sotomayor: he’s a man of a thousand faces, most of them screaming hysterically, all of them genius.

4. Elaine Carroll, @elainasaurus

Mary Kate Olsen (as depicted in College Humor’s Very Mary Kate) isn’t the only character Elaine Carroll can play, but if it was, we’d still say hire her right now. Same with her Maggie Smith. Oh, and Elaine auditioned last season, so they probably already have her resume on file…

5. Lauren Lapkus, @laurenlapkus

Okay, so they don’t have to replace Abby with another woman…but if they want to, there are so many to chose from! Take Are You There, Chelsea?‘s Lauren Lapkus, for yet another example.

Any comedy peeps you are horrified we didn’t include? Besides Justin Timberlake because duh, that’s a given?

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