Is Robert Pattinson Really Doing Okay? Yeah, He Says, And Parties In NYC To Prove His Point


Robert Pattinson Parties At Soho House

Robert Pattinson wants you to know he’s doing fine, guys. After his sexy Cosmopolis premiere pop-upclassy appearance on the Daily Show and his New York Stock Exchange bell-ringing, it was time to sit down, along with his director, David Cronenberg with Showbiz Tonight. When asked whether he was doing okay — since reports of him wallowing and boozing it up are rife — he succinctly replied, “Yeah” and laughed! The reporter even admitted he looked “absolutely fine”, to which he said, “Since the first Twilight, you enter this kind of realm where… you get stuff reported about you, and it’s weird.” Cronenberg added, “It’s a very abstract realm that doesn’t have a lot to do with personal reality” following that up with “People think they know what’s going on but they don’t know what’s really going on.” Robert continued the vein of thought, saying, “You start having a total disassociation … On top of that, loads of people just make it up anyway so it doesn’t make any difference.”

And then, when the interviewer asked one last time, if he was really okay (as in really, really okay, RPattz), same answer. “Yeah.” You heard it guys. And you can see it too, not just in the video, but in the photographs of him above, looking like some sort of ’90’s heartthrob, in a backwards cap, heading out of Soho House last night. With a very over-enthusiastic security dude, we might add. He looks just fine, like he’s had a couple of drinks even! Bonus picture after the jump, which illustrates our point! 

Robert Pattinson Parties At Soho House

[Photos: Splash News Online]

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