Blossom, Nooooooo! Mayim Bialik Injured In Car Accident, Might Lose Finger


If you need to slip into a leotard and tap dance out all the feelings you have right now, we understand. Okay, we know we’re being hyper-glib, but it’s only as a defense mechanism to cover up the fact that we feel inappropriately sad about Mayim Bialik possibly losing a finger! According to TMZ, the Blossom star allegedly received “serious injuries” in a car accident in L.A. this afternoon. After her Volvo was struck by another vehicle, a source reported that there was “tons and tons of blood everywhere.” As for the actress’s injury, allegedly Bialik’s “finger was almost completely severed … it was just hanging there.” Nooooo! Our childhoods! Noooooooo!

Fortunately TMZ also reports that Bialik was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment, and it sounds like Mayim is going to pull through. Worse comes to worst, we’re sure they could explain why her Emmy-nominated Big Bang Theory character might have lost a digit (Calculator accident? Or maybe a…calculator accident? We seriously need to watch that show more). Either way, it’s our opinionation that this is completely unacceptable treatment of Mayim Bialik by the universe. Actually, that’s probably everyone’s opinionation. What monster wants to see Blossom lose a finger?

[Photo: Getty Images]

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