Jon Hamm’s Turn As A Talking Toilet On Bob’s Burgers Joins His Other Least Jon Hamm-Like Roles


Jon Hamm

If there’s anything we love more than Jon Hamm‘s absurdly symmetrical face, it’s the fact he’s willing to play parts that are diametrically opposed to how insanely good looking he is. Like playing a talking toilet on an upcoming episode of Bob’s Burgers, for example. The Man Men star could make a living playing only Don Draper-style leading man roles if he wanted to; instead he’ll be voicing a “high-end talking electronic toilet that falls off a truck and lands in the woods.” Perfection. While “toilet” might be the most openly disgusting of Hamm’s roles, it’s certainly not the only one that completely undercuts his good looks and hypermasculine aura. Not by a long shot:

1) Suckerpunch, 2011

Jon Hamm Sucker Punch

Hey, remember when Jon Hamm played a disgusting doctor who performed ice pick lobotomies on women held captive in an insane asylum? Us either! Our brains will remain Suckerpunch-free forevaaaaaaaah!

2) 30 Rock, 2012

Jon Hamm was amazing as Liz Lemon’s hook-handed ex in 30 Rock, but it’s his black-and-white Amos ‘n’ Andy send-up from this year’s 30 Rock live show that is the true anti-Draper.

3) SNL, 2012

If it wasn’t gross enough for Jon Hamm to eat ham slices on the toilet, he subsequently kidnapped Michael Buble and drank champagne filled to the brim with pork chunks in SNL‘s Hamm and Buble sketch.

4) Friends With Kids, 2012

Loved Jon Hamm and Kristen Wiig in Bridesmaids? Then you’ll probably hate watching Jon Hamm scream at her across a crowded dinner table in Friends With Kids. He makes Kristen Wiig cry. It’s…disturbing.

5) The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret, 2012

Jon Hamm plays himself as a sniveling wiener in The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret to blubbering perfection.

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