Joseph Gordon-Levitt Looks Suave, Talks Shop In Playboy


Joseph Gordon-Levitt In Playboy's September 2012 Issue

Who would have thought that Tommy Solomon from Third Rock From The Sun would grow up into this guy, huh? To say that Joseph Gordon-Levitt floats our boat would be an understatement. He seems to be pretty down with the Playboy crew since they’ve selected him to be the celebrity for their 20 questions round for the magazine’s September issue. And they put him in a red suit. Not the easiest thing to pull off, but he’s managed to look pretty damn good in it. There’s a lot of talking shop in the piece, about him directing short films, making the transition from kid star to grown-up actor and such, but we’re going to cut straight through to the meat. The interviewer, Stephen Rebello, asks him, “Your character in (500) Days made extravagant gestures in the name of love. What kind of woman could make you do that?” Start taking notes, ladies. Joe’s response is, “Making checklists of things you’re looking for in a person is the numero uno thing you can do to guarantee you’ll be alone forever. You can’t meet someone and think, Do they have everything I want in a person? You just have to pay attention, keep your eyes open, listen to people and be present. I guess what I look for in a girl is someone who’s doing that too. Beyond that there’s not much more I would specify, because you never f— know, man.” Uh oh. Stop taking notes, right now! No more notes! Too late … we all blew it.

[Photo via Playboy]

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