Robyn + Tank Girl + Gwen Stefani = We Think We Cracked The Code Behind Miley Cyrus’ New Look


Miley Cyrus Haircut

People have been losing their damn minds over Miley Cyrus new peroxide punk makeover like she’s the first woman to go crazy at the hair salon or twerk out a pair of Doc Martins. “it was just one of those CUHHH-RAZY pant days,” Cyrus tweeted yesterday, along with a shot of some Magic Eye-looking leggings. We bet you dollars to donuts if you took a time machine to 1993, you could see approximately one billion women rocking the same look. Actually, you don’t have to go back in time at all, because Miley’s look strongly reminded us of other bleached blond fashionistas she’s starting to resemble.

Miley Cyrus short hair

First, we saw a hint of model/Giovanni Rivisi‘s bride Agyness Deyn.

Miley Cyrus

Then we realized once you add the wacky pants, Miley’s platinum locks and singing ability were very Robyn-esque.

Miley Cyrus Gwen Stefani

And of course dark eyebrows and red lips have been Gwen Stefani‘s steez since the early ’90s. Speaking of the early nineties…

Miley Cyrus Short Hair

Okay, we can’t be the only one who sees the extremely strong resemblance between Miley and Lori Petty in 1995’s Tank Girl. Right? Oh sweet blog…we can’t be far away from a Tank Girl remake? Could such a more perfect natural confluence occur? Plus Liam Hemsworth would be amazing as one of those disgusting kangaroo people! Someone get the studio on the phone. Any studio!

[Photo: Getty Images/ Instagram/ MGM/ Splash News Online]

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