Tom Brady’s Kissing Quotes In VMAN Might Make Football Fans Of Us Yet


Tom Brady in VMAN

I don’t think Tom Brady’s latest spread for VMAN, or Tim Tebow’s armpitty pics for GQ, are any kind of special effort on the part of the NFL to draw in new female or gay viewers. A) Wrong publications, and B) that’s a terribly sexist thing of me to say, as I know plenty of women and gay men who love the game. BUT, these sexy shots do go a long way in making me, a non-football fan, begin to see these men as more than the padded-up, grunting things they appear to be on the field. Even when Brady’s doing his best to imitate a Doberman pinscher. Because in the interview accompanying his cover story for the men’s fashion mag, he melts my New Yorker heart with this quotes (via E!):

“I grew up [in] … an environment where people weren’t afraid to express how they really felt or to express their emotions. I’m very blessed to be able to do that because with my two boys — I kiss them a thousand times a day.” Awwww. Now tell us about Giselle’s pregnancy already! Why are you pretending that she suddenly has a beer gut? Still not ready? OK, at least he said he wants to have four kids (doing his part for the gene pool!), and he really does look good in that tux.

Tom Brady

In other athletic news, I really like soccer. You know, for the sport of it…

David Beckham

[Photos: VMAN, H&M via Facebook]

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