Lady Gaga’s Bodyguard Wrestles Down Ardent Romanian Fan: Is It Excessive Or Well Deserved?


This video really disturbs us. Lady Gaga‘s in Romania right now on tour, and yesterday was in a weird incident which involves one of her bodyguard’s and a fan. Basically, Gaga was walking out of her hotel — the Hilton — ¬†towards a waiting phalanx of press, when a fan rushed her for an autograph in the lobby. We get she’s a pop star, but he clearly had a pen and a paper in his hands and while his behaviour may have been ardent, we feel her bodyguards reaction was too extreme. The bodyguard literally takes down the fan and throws him against the revolving doors. Gaga looks startled but is quickly ushered away by another member of her security team. The fan was literally held down till Gaga exited and then released. He looks pretty dazed and leaves the hotel really quickly. Look, we’re all for safety. It’s a crazy world out there and the fan shoudn’t have rushed Gaga like that. But we’re wondering if that’s an excuse to be beat down in that manner? And left pinned down on the floor like an insect? We’re a bit torn about this one. Do you agree with how the bodyguard reacted? Or do you think it was a bit on the excessive side? Watch the video above and let us know.

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