Darren Criss Is The Most Stylish Robin Ever For Glee


Darren Criss As Robin On "Glee" Set

We love the number of sneak peeks Glee creator Ryan Murphy gives us of the show via his Twitter account. He recently gave us a look at a very gorgeous Kate Hudson filming her guest spot for the show. His latest tweet has given us an insight as of what to expect from the annual Halloween episode. At least, that’s what we think it is. Check out the photograph above of the lovely Darren Criss dressed up as Robin. The message along with the photograph read, “Who is that masked man keeping crime away from the halls of McKinley?” He should have added a “bam!” and a “kapow!” for good measure. What we’re loving most of all is that if you look closer, you’ll see that Darren’s also got a bow-tie around his collar! Considering they did an entire episode in homage to Rocky Horror Picture Show around Halloween in 2010, one would think this is the key to what they’re planning this year, right? We’d really like more details, but have a feeling this is all we’re going to get for some time. More importantly, if Darren is Robin, we really want to know who Batman is? Any guesses, Gleeks?

[Photo via Twitter]

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