Let’s Celebrate The 5 Best Moments Of Demi Lovato’s Year, On This Her 20th Birthday


Demi Lovato Birthday

Sometimes we forget Demi Lovato is still just a little college-sophomore-aged baby. She’s been through more than your average 40 year old! Either way, we want to wish the “Skyscraper” singer Happy Birthday as she turns 20 today. What were we doing when we were 20? Oh, yeah! We got that job judging The X Factor and filmed that documentary and…oh wait, no. Those are all still Demi. The girl has had a solid year to say the least, but we wanted to present a delicious snack platter of five Lovato highlights for her 20th. Note: we had to narrow it down to five. If we didn’t, we’d have to include everyday Demi happened to catch a glimpse of her hair in the mirror.

1) Has a baby bunny-cute flirtation with One Direction’s Naill Horan as of June (Allegedly! Squee!)

2) Got realer than real with her MTV doc Demi Lovato: Stay Strong, in which she discusses her ongoing struggle with self-harm and an eating disorder in March.  She also went back to visit her old rehab…as a speaker.

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3) Posed for a dentist-unapproved photo shoot for Tyler Shields back in February.

4) Filmed An Intimate Performance in June, where she delivered…you know, a lot of intimate performances. Also, oh dear lord, her hair. Her perfect hair.

5) Oh right, and made a million dollars while becoming even more of a household name by joining The X Factor this May. Happy Everyday to you, Demi girl!

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