Hope Solo And Ryan Lochte: Just How Different Can Two Olympians Be? The Answer Is, Very!


Hope Solo, VH1 Do Something Awards, Ryan Lochte, Las Vegas

Let’s just start off with U.S Olympian Hope Solo and see how she fared over her weekend. Hope got her medal on (again) at the VH1 Do Something Awards yesterday, in Santa Monica, winning the “Do Something Athlete” trophy. And she did so wearing a simple black sheath and black pumps. Simple, non-intrusive and when compared to fellow Olympian, Ryan Lochte, boring. Seriously, these two could not have gone in two more different directions this weekend. Ryan’s had his calendar full these past few days. His run started on Thursday night, where he made an appearance at the WWE SummerSlam VIP Kickoff party at the Beverly Hills Hotel. But his time is precious these days, so he flew off to Vegas, the very same night, for Worship Thursday at TAO nightclub where People reports that, “Camera phones went crazy, and a bevy of ladies turned their heads to his table, hoping to catch a glance.” Can someone give us a “Jeah?”

Anyhow, these two appearances were fully clothed. It’s what went down on Saturday that we’re most concerned with, the evidence of which you can see in the photograph on the right. Ryan celebrated his 28th birthday, which was actually on August 3, and his Olympic wins at the swank Azure pool at The Palazzo in Vegas. And he wore those patriotic shorts you see with nothing else but … Sorry, guys. We lost our train of thought looking at his abs. They have this weirdly hypnotic effect on us. We were saying, he also had his Olympic medal strung around his neck providing sufficient bling. He spent the day hanging with fellow swimmers, Cullen Jones and Conor Dwyer, and fans and Azure even got out a big birthday cake for him with Olympic rings icing decorations. Of course the cake was brought out by a bevvy of ladies in gold bikinis, with fake Olympic medals around their necks. We feel another “Jeah” rising. But this, was the icing on our cake. Remember those shocking pink Speedos Ryan showed off on the Tonight Show? The one with Kristen Bell, as well? Ryan, actually changed into them during the day. We’re not kidding. You can see for yourself, here. So, yeah — Hope and Ryan? Chalk and cheese.

[Photos: Splash News Online/ Getty Images]

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