5 Of The One Billion Reasons Nicki Minaj Is Going To Kill It As The New American Idol Judge


Nicki Minaj American Idol Judge

Apparently American Idol just hired a bunch of new employees from MENSA, because getting Nicki Minaj in one of those judge’s chairs is the smartest reality show casting decision since Honey Boo Boo got that show on TLC…last month. “I’m not sure the deal is completely done yet, but yes, she is definitely doing it,” a source squealed to Us Magazine about Minaj’s decision to join Mariah Carey on A.I. “A few more slight things to sign off on but it is happening.” While the wigs alone will be worth the trip (both Nicki’s and Mariah’s), Minaj has demonstrated a number of qualities that tell us she’s going to be the new Simon, but with less cleavage. Qualities like:

1. Not giving an eff. After disappointed Barbz ambushed her for canceling a festival appearance in Britain due to strained vocal chords this weekend, Nicki Minaj put all of her Twitter follows on blast with gems like:

Nicki Minaj Twitter Rant

Not giving an eff = great television. See also: Jersey Shore, The Honey Boo Boo Child show on TLC.

2. The inability to suffer fools, like Nightline‘s JuJu Chang who dared to suggest Minaj and Lady Gaga are kiiiiiiind of similar. “Ehh. Try again,” Nicki demands, later declaring, ““In the beginning I was like, okay, it’s cool, hahaha, when they get to know me they’ll understand me. Gaga is a fantastic artist. She’s paved her way. She’s opened her own lane. But I feel like I have my own lane. And we never cross. Ever!” So contestants, please! Do your research before covering “Dear Old Nicki.”

3. Honesty. Minaj is more than willing to step into a big pile of beef (Lil Kim in “Stupid Hoe”, anyone? Azealia Banks, everyone else?), so you know she won’t have any problem with the contestants hating her for her criticism.

4. A soft side. Remember when she agreed to meet the “Super Bass” girls on Ellen last fall? That’s Nicki’s love for baby talent right there.

5. An aversion to pickle juice. As she explained in her MTV doc My Time Now in 2010, Nicki knows quality, because she gives the world quality, not some pickle slices on a plate.

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