Get Psyched For The Do Something Awards With A Fashion Preview (Now With More Harry Shum Jr.!)


We’ve already prepped you for tonight’s red carpet extremes with our 10 Best Dressed At The Vh1 Do Something Awards: The Men And Women Who Shook Things Up post, as well as our 8 Looks that Could Have Been Salvaged At The Vh1 Do Something Awards. Now you can see the event’s red carpet in motion before the main event via our fashion sneak-preview vid. You know, in case some of the fashion happens to loos better in motion? Beauty that moves, and all that? Are you guessing that if an outfit looks tore up from the floor up in a photo, it’s going to look bad as a moving image? You fashionistas are always five steps ahead of us, we swear…

Either way, tonight’s Do Something Awards do not disappoint, sartorially-speaking or otherwise. From Kelly Osbourne‘s towering purple pompadour to John Cho’s amazing everything, celebrities are bringing a variety of looks ranging from the hotness to a hot mess, and we couldn’t be more pleased. Most importantly, Glee‘s Harry Shum Jr. will be wearing a vest and Nick Cannon has a three-piece suit accented with red suede loafers. Did you need to know anything else, or…? Great, us either. See you tonight at 9 EST!

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