It’s Official: This Is The Final Season Of The Office


Some sad news to pass on from the world of television. NBC has confirmed that the upcoming 9th season of The Office will be its last. Yes, we know that most of you probably stopped watching after Jim and Pam got married *belated spoiler alert* and then the rest of you probably stopped watching after Steve Carell ended his incredible run as Dunder Mifflin Regional Manger Michael Scott in 2011. But none of that matters. Nine years is a hell of a long time when scripted television is concerned, and we feel like our heart has been ripped out and placed in Jello.

NBC chairman Bob Greenblatt released a statement today praising the cast, crew and producer/original showrunner Greg Daniels. “The Office is a classic, award-winning television comedy and all of us at NBC couldn’t be prouder to have produced and telecast the series as it heads into its ninth season,” he said. “Greg Daniels, the cast, and crew have some terrific storylines planned for the final season. Fans are in for a treat.  It’s always difficult to see these kinds of shows come to an end, but we are honoring the cast’s and producers’ desire to make this the final season.”

Daniels himself weighed in this afternoon at a press conference. “This year feels like the last chance to really go out together and to make an artistic ending to the show that pays off a lot of the stuff that has mattered most to fans with the core characters,” he told the assembled reporters. “This will be the last season of The Office. We’re planning a very big exciting last season.” Despite the devastating news, fans can at least get pumped for the plot details he spilled for Season 9. “We’re going to Roy’s wedding. David Wallace is running the show, the Dunder-Mifflin show. We have a lot of funny stories, we’re telling some crazy Dwight stories we’ve wanted to tell for years.”

Some of the characters already have their own spin-off shows lined up. Rainn Wilson will star in The Farm, which chronicles Dwight Schrute’s adventures on his beet farm, while Mindy Kaling will star in her new Fox show, The Mindy Project. Still, it didn’t stop Kaling from feeling just a little bit of nostalgia. “Must avoid going down a YouTube hole of classic Office moments,” she tweeted today following the announcement. Fellow cast mate Angela Kinsey also took to her twitter in the wake of the sad news. “It is true. This is our last season. We hope to give a real end to these characters we love to play. Thx for watching.”

The big hope is that Steve Carell will return for the final episode, but nothing has been set in motion yet. “We would certainly wish for it,” said Daniels today. “We’re not going to put so much pressure on Steve by writing something that could only work if he returned. But it would be fantastic if he returned.” The final series of the show starts on September 20th, but it will live on in reruns.

[Photo: NBC]

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