Lady Gaga’s Hair Is Now “Louis Vuitton Brown”


Lady Gaga Dyes Her Hair Dark Brown, Tweets Picture

The last we heard of Lady Gaga was when her bodyguard was taking down an over zealous fan in Romania. That was less than a week ago, which in Gaga time — a different entity from celebrity time, we might add — is like a new century. Because, by the looks of it, she emerges phoenix-like as a completely new person on a weekly basis. Take the photographs above for instance. The paparazzi shots on the left and right were taken as she was heading to the airport in Lithuania. We feel like this is possibly Gaga’s version of goth. All-black clothing, slightly reminiscent of the ’80’s and most importantly, dark brown hair. Which would be completely normal on a regular person, or even your regular celebrity, but on Gaga, the color seems totally surreal. She also tweeted the picture in the middle, which linked to her site, of her on her plane, writing, “And this is how it looks up!! (I know this is boring) but fun!” We love how normal, brown hair for her is fun! But this isn’t any old color, by the way. A tweet, preceding that photograph, read, “Definitely feeling less blond lately and little more progressive brunette. I am LOUIS VUITTON BROWN. B— THATS LV.” So there you have it. It’s not just “progressive brunette”, it’s Louis Vuitton brown. Who knows … maybe Christian Dior red is next.

[Photos: Splash News Online/Twitter]

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