Lindsay Lohan Defends Her Hot Mess Crown, Stands Accused Of Bringing Jewelry Thieves To Party


Lindsay Lohan Jewelry Theft

If you thought Lindsay Lohan was going to give up her crown to Amanda Bynes so easily, we would ask you to please think again. It was weird enough when we heard Lindsay has flipped out at Clint Eastwood‘s daughter’s birthday party (we know), but now the host of an all-night Hollywood party is claiming Lohan’s friends stole “several expensive watches and some sunglasses” during the festivities. According to TMZ, Lindsay allegedly brought her brother Cody and two male buddies to the party Sunday night. When the host noticed his belongings were missing, he held the party goers, alerted authorities and told police he suspected Lilo’s friends of thievery. Yup, while Amanda is racking up car accidents at a very similar rate, Lindsay still cannot be challenged when it comes to down-right bizarre accusations.

We do want to be clear, though: it’s Lindsay’s friends who stand accused of stealing, not her. On the other hand…when’s the last time you heard about Amy Adams or Jessica Chastain paling around with the criminal element? Not never. It probably doesn’t help that Lindsay, you know, stole that jewelry last year. Bynes, you are really going to have to step up your game if you want the heavyweight hot mess belt. Luckily the belt looks amazing paired with hyper-long extensions and cut-off Daisy Dukes, so you know it’ll look fierce no matter who’s wearing it.

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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