Will Mariah Carey Stick Around As American Idol Judge If Nicki Minaj Is On The Panel Too?


Mariah Carey Not Happy About Nicki Minaj Being AI Judge

Is Nicki Minaj really going to be a judge on American Idol? The news isn’t certain yet, but we’ve been willing it to happen! For that matter, we’ve also been crossing our fingers about Mariah Carey becoming a judge for AI. Unfortunately, us willing something and the actual reality of the situation are two completely different matters. Well, Mariah’s deal seemed done, as a sexeh promotional picture was released of her last month. But now, according to TMZ, it’s all gone topsy-turvy, thanks to the possible inclusion of Nicki on the panel. Sources have told the site that Mariah got angry enough to hang up on AI execs, when told that Ms. Minaj was being schilled as the top pick for judge on the show. Apparently, Mariah thought that she was going to be the only woman calling the shots, so having Nicki around is going to be major competition.

The same sources are also alleging that even though we thought that the panel’s picks were set in stone, that’s not the case. It isn’t certain if Randy Jackson will be coming back at all — whether as a judge or a mentor. Say he isn’t a judge this season — who gets to fill his spot? That’s another issue altogether. There’s even a third issue, according to the sources. There may be four judges this time around, as they want the ratio of men and women judges to be equal, because a panel comprising of more women than dudes isn’t optimal. That’s the rumor, guys. And for that fourth spot, it seems that Brad Paisley, Keith Urban and Enrique Iglesias are the top options. So what’s the deal? Is Mariah going to stick around if Nicki gets signed? Is she really hopping mad about Nicki?  Is Randy coming back? Are there going to be four judges instead of three? Someone give us some official news, please!

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