LL Cool J, It’s Awesome You Beat Up That Would-Be Burglar, But Please Be Careful!


LL Cool J

Every time we hear about a celebrity playing real-life hero, we are of two minds: On the one hand it’s awesome that people we look up to for their talent might also be admirable in other ways; on the other, we hope that playing a heroic character onscreen hasn’t dangerously inflated their idea of what they can actually do. So, first of all, bravo, LL Cool J for saving your home from the would-be burglar who broke in at 2 a.m. this morning. All those action scenes for NCIS: Los Angeles must have done you right.

“Of all the houses that guy could have picked, LL Cool J’s was probably not his best choice,” a neighbor told Los Angeles station KABC.

Second, we’re really glad this ended well. According to KABC, LL hit and restrained the intruder, a 58-year-old homeless man. What would have happened if he’d been younger or armed? We’re pretty sure you’re supposed to hit the panic button on your security alarm and stay outu of the way, not challenge criminals to a fist fight. And we’re only saying this because LL is a national treasure and we don’t want him getting hurt, not because we don’t think he’s every bit as fit and capable as he was as an up-and-coming rapper in Queens.

And in honor of LL past and present, here is what has of course been running through our heads all day:

[Photo: Getty Images]

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