Nicole Kidman Channels Her Paperboy Character With A Bottomless V Magazine Cover


Nicole Kidman V Magazine Cover

This is the same woman who played Virginia Woolf! And Diane Arbus! And is about to play Grace Kelly! Which is probably why we’re so into Nicole Kidman‘s reinvention as a southern-fried sex kitten (a regional delicacy!) for Lee DanielsThe Paperboy. It looks like Nicole is even more into than we are, however, seeing as how she got topless and bottomless for her trashy-hot V Magazine cover. “I don’t really make decisions,” Kidman says in her interview. “I go with the flow. If I were a strategically minded person, I think I would have a far different career. But I would be more outlandish if I could. A lot of times you just don’t get the chance.” Yeah, considering Nicole’s won an Academy Award, this definitely qualifies as outlandish. Peeing on Zac Efron was just the beginning!

To be honest, the rest of Nicole’s Mario Testino-shot spread is even more revealing than her cover, and by that we mean Nicole is totes wearing a see-through bra. Meanwhile, director Daniels takes a moment to describe an aggressive sex scene between John Cusack and Kidman that takes place on top of a washing machine. Consider us scandalized. “At a certain point, I saw the bruises on her legs. So I said, ‘Nicole, are you okay?’ She lied. ‘I’m fine,’ she said. She wasn’t fine. I could see the bruises. But she kept going,” he says. Whaaaaa? Of all two people in the world! While we rewatch Cold Mountain and shake our heads, you can click the jump to check out the full cover, and that Academy Award-winning booty:

Nicole Kidman V Magazine Cover

[Photo: V Magazine]

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