Prince Harry’s Naked Photos: Do They Help Or Harm The Royals’ Rep?


Prince Harry
By now, we hope you’ve seen — and probably enjoyed — the photos TMZ obtained of Prince Harry‘s naked escapades. Thanks to a cell phone in the hands of one of the random people invited to his room at the Wynn, what happened in Vegas … is now a hot topic of worldwide conversation. TMZ says reps for the royal family are “none too pleased” with his game of strip pool, but from what we can tell from other British sources, this won’t have any sort of serious repercussions for the third in line for the throne.

“We can stand on our lofty moral high ground and say, ‘how can he be so stupid and put himself in such a position’ but it is that buffoonery in him that we all love,” Ingrid Seward, editor of Majesty magazine told London’s Telegraph. “I don’t think it will damage the Royal Family at all. He’s the Boris Johnson of the Royal Family.” (That’s wacky London Mayor Boris Johnson, for those of you who didn’t watch the Olympics.)

“He’s been doing a lot of good work for the queen and getting a good reputation and although a lot of people think this is a great laugh, it does actually bring the monarchy into disrepute and will embarrass the queen,” Robert Jobson, who wrote a book about the prince’s military service in Afghanistan, told Reuters.

According to the Telegraph, as a captain in the Army Air Corps, Harry will probably get some scolding from the military for his behavior but no real punishment.

Sadly, we think there might be someone who feels the repercussions from these photos: the prince’s security guards, who really should have done something to prevent the pics from being snapped.
“I don’t envy their [security officers’] job. It must be a nightmare at times, trying to ensure that he doesn’t get into these kinds of scrapes,” Dai Davies, the former head of royal protection at the Metropolitan Police Service, told the Telegraph. Some question whether the British taxpayers should be footing the bill for preventing “scrapes.”

Clearly, it’s a national PR issue — if the U.K. wants Harry to represent their country as a fun-loving, hard-partying guy (who also served in the military and does a whole lot for charity), then we think they can save their money and let him be.

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