A Ryan Lochte Nude Pic Is Being Shopped Around: The Only Shocking Part Is That It Took This Long


Ryan Lochte Nude Photos Being Shopped Around

Let’s see. A constantly shirtless playboy Olympian…who hangs out with Prince Harry…who had his own nude photo scandal just this morning. Yup, the only surprising thing about the alleged Ryan Lochte naked photo being offered to the highest bidder is the fact that it took this long for it to show up! And by “this long,” we of course mean “the few hours it’s been since Prince Harry’s nude photo scandal broke.” Those guys are like two naked peas in a luxury hotel pod!

Perez Hilton reported that the photo in question had been sent to Ryan’s former girlfriend in college. We know! We’d assumed it was from some naked pool game with Prince Harry too! Perez’s description of the image, however, does give us pause: “And although you can’t see his face in the FULL-FRONTAL shot, pretty much everyone will be able to recognize his body now that it was broadcast all over the world during the games…AND you can even see the tan line from his speedo!” Hmmm, we just hope we aren’t being tricked into looking at some other hot, ripped naked guy. We won’t stand for it! Looks like we’re going to have to do some intense side-by-side scrutiny of the supposed Ryan Lochte photo once it gets revealed. You know, just to make sure it’s legit. It’s like we’re a bunch of perverted detectives!

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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