Divergent Could Get Its Director Soon: Limitless Helmer Neil Burger Is In Talks


Divergent and potential director Neil Burger

We’re still squeeing over the fact that The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones is really and truly being shot right now, so this latest news about another of our young-adult fiction faves feels like second Christmas: Summit is reportedly in talks with Neil Burger to direct Veronica Roth’s Divergent! This is just according to “sources” at Variety right now, and Summit isn’t commenting, but just the thought of getting this close to seeing Tris and Four and the Dauntless headquarters come to life on the big screen is super exciting. The studio is said to be aiming for a release in the first quarter of 2014.

Burger’s last film was Limitless, which earned plenty of kudos for star Bradley Cooper, who played a man who takes a drug that suddenly makes him a genius. But there was ample praise for Burger as well. “Director Neil Burger, whose first feature was the intriguing Interview With the Assassin from 2002, moves the story forward with an infectious energy,” read the Associated Press review. What do the words “infectious energy” bring to mind for you? A certain story about a young woman who lives in a dystopian Chicago where people must live in factions based on an aptitude test they take at age 16? We thought so too. Now we can get back to speculating on who should star

Here’s a reminder of the look and feel of Limitless:

[Photos: Harper Collins, Getty Images]

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