Tom Cruise’s Millions Are Safe Following Divorce Settlement With Katie Holmes


With over $250 million in the bank, Tom Cruise’s split from Katie Holmes could have resulted in a divorce payout of McCartney proportions. However settlement details leaked on TMZ reveal that homeboy got off pretty easy, leaving the vast majority of his millions untouched. After five years of marriage, Katie walks with just $400,000 child support for six-year-old daughter Suri. That might seem high at $33,333.33 a month, but Suri’s got a wardrobe to keep up, people! No Oshkosh for her.

These support payments will continue for 12 years until she turns 18. Tom is also responsible for paying Suri’s medical, insurance and educational costs, but that’s pretty much it; Katie personally gets nothing from the settlement. Aside from the complete Mission Impossible DVD boxed set, maybe. But she did score a sizable victory but getting a clause in the settlement stipulating that Suri cannot attend a residential school. We imagine this was placed in the agreement to avoid any kind of Scientology-related educational disagreements the ex’s might have.

And just like that, TomKat was gone…Head on down to the gallery and take one last look for the road. But don’t worry Celeb fans: We’ll always have Suri.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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