Amanda Bynes No Longer In The Clear For Her Old Hit-And-Run Case


Uh-oh. Poor Amanda Bynes. Just when she thought her car troubles were behind her, an old case has come back to bite her in the behind. By now, all of us have realized that Amanda and driving are not a good match. Her spiral started when she was arrested for a DUI back in April, where she was not only arrested for driving under the influence, but for side-swiping a cop car, for good measure. You would think that would have knocked some sense into her, but no. She was photographed texting while driving out of the Chateau Marmont just a few days after her DUI incident. And because she wasn’t paying much attention to the road, she also ran over the sidewalk. The only person who didn’t realize she was going a tad off the rails was Amanda herself, as she ended up tweeting Barack Obama about her … innocence. That’s right, she tweeted the POTUS, saying, “Hey @BarackObama… I don’t drink. Please fire the cop who arrested me. I also don’t hit and run. The end.” Only, it wasn’t the end, because the actress was involved in a hit-and-run case the very same month. Amanda’s rental car rear-ended another vehicle while she was driving through the San Fernando Valley, but the other driver claimed that the accident was caused because of Bynes’ messed-up driving. Another hit-and-run incident followed this month, BTW, and it ended up being Amanda’s (possible) downfall.

The San Fernando Valley accident’s case is now being re-opened, reports TMZ. The case was originally dropped as there was no witness to back-up the fact that Amanda had indeed fled the scene and zoomed off on the 101 Freeway, as the other driver had stated. But now, this second hit-and-run in August has changed all of that. Prosecutors have decided that there are too many red marks on her driving record to let slide and are going to investigate more. Which means, big trouble could be coming Amanda’s way very soon. Let’s hope she doesn’t decide to drive away from it all.

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