Jessica Alba Just One Of The Many Celebs We Wish Wouldn’t Go Blond


Jessica Alba Dyed Blond

Jessica Alba, whyyyyyyyyy? We understand that actors don’t have any control over the hairstyles their characters wear, but Alba’s bleached blond Sin City 2 look is making our retinas detach. “She got roots that Nancy,” the actress tweeted about her character, along with a photo of her hair in an ombre in-between phase. Later Alba post another photo of her hair dyed completely blond, and it’s giving us fashion flashbacks to her peroxide locks in Valentine’s Day. If you’ve seen that movie, you know exactly what we’re talking about. Then, as in now, light blond not Jessica Alba’s best look, but she’s nowhere near the only celeb whose bleached hair makes her look washed out rather than glammed up. From Lindsay Lohan to Victoria Beckham, Emma Stone to Angelina Jolie, a lot of famous ladies know blond is not always a girl’s best friend. Sometimes it just looks bleached.

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