Kanye Brings His What Not To Wear Game To Kim Kardashian’s On-Going Makeover


“That’s a dog bag, no?” Is there any more painful sentence to hear when your boyfriend and his stylist take it upon themselves to give you a wardrobe makeover? Probably not, but Kim Kardashian takes it like a champ as Kanye and stylist Renelou Pardora purge her closet on last night’s episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Well, almost. “I’m literally crying,” Kim warns. Not that parts of Kanye’s What Not To Wear rampage aren’t adorable: “I like natural looking. Because I grew up on ’80s magazines… You look amazing,” Kanye promises when Kim tries to hike up her boob up to her collarbone. “Well, I don’t!,” she reports. Fashion LOL! At least Kanye didn’t literally throw Kim’s clothes into a garbage can. In fact, as Kim tweeted today, “The clothes I got rid of on tonight’s episode will be up on EBay next month for a charity auction! Going to Life Change Community Church.” Anyone interested in five dozen pairs of platform pumps? Hmmm?

Of course, this is only the latest part of an ongoing change in Kim’s style that we assume is largely Kanye’s doing. Would it be such a stretch to think that Yeezy is also behind Kim’s decision to…


Kim Kardashian Dies Hair Blond

Go blond! AHHHHHH! We never thought we’d see the day! We haven’t spotted any other shots of Kim’s face with her new hue, but we’re sure it’s just a matter of time/ Instagram photos. “Blond hair don’t care,” Kim tweeted last Friday. So we take it Kanye prefers a blond? We guess Amber Rose was technically blond, but she was also technically bald, so we could go either way with this. Peroxide aside, the biggest change to Kim’s steez (literally and figuratively) has to be what she tweeted this weekend while trying on jeggings:

Kim Kardashian Tweets Too Tight Pants

“i think my butt looks too big in these jeans,” Kim wrote. Whaaaaaa? Kim? Thinking her butt is too large for leather pants? “Obviously having a stylish boyfriend who has helped introduce me to things and opened up my vision has been an inspiration and has helped me change it up a little bit and become more sophisticated,” Kim told this month’s V Magazine. “Being with him, designing and doing things, that’s been motivating to me and has taught me a lot. I’m just thankful.” Whoa, we need to slow down, Kanye. We’re not ready for so much change so fast.

[Photo: Instagram]

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