Alec Baldwin Continues To Benjamin Button Himself After Marrying New Wife Hilaria Thomas


Alec Baldwin Looks Young With Wife Hilaria Thomas

We’ve always been into Jack Donaghy’s “Daddy Bear” steez on 30 Rock, but please take a look at those photos. The picture of Alec Baldwin on the left was taken yesterday at the U.S. Open with his new wife Hilaria Thomas, the other a snapshot of Baldwin from the 30 Rock set…in 2008. The man is looking real good this summer, is basically what we’re getting at. Since we’ve already given Hilaria credit for getting Alec off Twitter back in June (a good idea considering the fact he seemed unable to stop escalating his paparazzi brawls/making confusing Trayvon Martin jokes), why not give this win to her too? Well-played, lady!

Baldwin also returned to the 30 Rock set today to work on his last season of being Tina Fey‘s boss, and looked equally fresh. Pay attention, celebrities! This is how you subtly whittle a few years off your face without turning into Mickey Rourke (minus the crazy hair, weird hat and Bane-sized back). Maybe all you guys need is a dye job and some deep moisturizing, rather than having your mug reworked into  sexy fetus face? Just floating it out there…

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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