Gabby Douglas’ Former Gym Calls Her Bullying Claims “Fake,” And It Just Gets Worse From There


Gabby Douglas' Home Gym Denies Racist Bullying Accusations

After Gabby Douglas revealed to Oprah that she dealt with racist bullying while training at Virginia Beach’s Excalibur gym, representatives from Excalibur immediately came forward. Oh, not to apologize or offer support or anything. Just to viciously attack Gabby in the press while revealing that they understand virtually nothing about bullying, racism or 13-year-old girls. Sorry if that was unclear! “The accusations that are being made against the gymnasts and coaches are just sickening,” “former Senior International Elite and National Team member” Randy Stageburg said in a statement to “Gabby was never a victim, in fact many would say she was one of the favorites. I never once heard her complain about girls being mean, funny how it is just now coming up.” Hmmm, he makes a good point though. Everyone knows that if you don’t immediately tell Randy Stageburg you’re being bullied, it must not have happened. We’ll be sure to sign our kids up for a tumbling class as soon as we can!

Of course, not one is calling Gabby a liar….oh wait, yes, they are. At least one person is explicitly saying that.  “Gabby’s remarks were hurtful and without merit,” Excalibur Gymnastics CEO Gustavo Maure told E! News, also telling “Is Gabrielle a credible person just because she is an Olympic Champion? She is not giving any names or dates, leading us to believe that the accusation is fake. This wouldn’t be the first time that the media has made up a story. Thousands of gymnasts and families have supported our good conduct and our professionalism during the last 30 years.” So by “media,” do you mean an actual human being with memories of being bullied, Gustavo? Stick the gymnastics, guys. The P.R. business is not really working out for you.

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