Lindsay Lohan Is Now A Suspect In Two Cases: A Jewelry Heist And Car Crash


Lindsay Lohan Cop Trouble, Two Cases: Jewelry, Car Crash

Sigh. She’s outdone herself this time hasn’t she? What can we even say — Lindsay Lohan is now a suspect in not one, but two cases. This isn’t even taking it up a notch, this is a whole different ball game. You have to be kitted out with a serious nose for trouble to get into situations like this. Let’s get straight to it. The first case is that she’s now formally a suspect in the jewelry heist that took place at Lindsay’s friend’s house last week. It started off with the two male friends she brought to the party being the ones accused of stealing the goods at Sam Magid‘s Hollywood Hills home — $100,000 worth of watches and sunglasses. But now, here’s how it gets super weird. Lindsay and her assistant Gavin Doyle are both suspects now, as police have witnesses who claim they can prove those two did indeed steal stuff. It’s strange … because Sam has now retracted his statements, and said nothing was stolen. Why did he change his story? We have no idea! All we know is that LAPD detectives wanted to interview Lindsay and Gavin yesterday but were denied access by their lawyers. We’ll keep you posted on how this unfolds.

The second case has to do with that really scary car crash, where Lindsay ended up driving her Porsche into an 18-wheeler  on the Pacific Coast Highway in June. There was already some trouble with the situation as it seemed Lindsay may have been lying about what down. She said her assistant Gavin — dude, this guy needs a new job — was driving, but Gavin said she was. So … was she lying about what happened? Also, the driver of the big rig claimed that Gavin tried to hide a pink bag after he “filled it up with something” and that he (the driver) was also offered a bribe so he wouldn’t call the cops. Too late, cat’s out of the bag. Now police are re-visiting the case as they are certain that Lindz was lying about not driving the car. Santa Monica P.D. detectives have been wanting to speak to her, making them the second set of detectives wanting to get in touch with the actress. She could totally get busted for lying to the police, amongst other things, which is a serious offence. We’ll let you know which set of detectives, or which case gets sorted first.

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